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Condominiums – Sellers

If you’re planning to sell your condo, you have the option of engaging a real estate professional or selling it on your own. Whether you’re planning to sell your condo with or without the assistance of a real estate professional, always consult a real estate lawyer to ensure all of your legal obligations are met.

If you plan to hire a real estate professional, visit Selling a House or Condo on Real Estate Council of Alberta’s website. It will guide you through the selling process when you’re working with a real estate professional.

Disclosure obligations

As a seller, you are legally obligated to disclose any material latent defects you are aware of that the buyer could not identify through a visual inspection of the property. These defects may be related to the common property or the condominium unit.

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Document collection

As a seller, you are under no legal obligation to provide buyers with any documents but it will likely help you sell your unit faster if you’re able to provide key documents to buyers in a timely manner.

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Important documents

The most recent reserve fund report and plan. A well-funded reserve fund can be an important selling feature that shows buyers the condominium corporation is in good financial health.

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