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Helping You Find Your New Home


helping-findHelping You Find Your New Home

John Mattiello & Associates wants to exceed your expectations by getting you the best home for the best price with the terms and conditions that work for you. The Buyer’s Home Profile is based on a series of questions. John Mattiello & Associates will go over this with you to make sure we have the most important information to work together to find you your new home.

Your Exclusive Automated Listing Search

By using the information gained through the Buyer’s Home Profile, and by discussing your wants, needs and budget, we will search for appropriate properties using specific criteria. Creating this precise and unique search will eliminate irrelevant searches and save both time and energy. Your unique search can send notifications with new listings or price changes, and all the listings generated will be e-mailed to you for consideration before choosing which properties to visit. John Mattiello & Associates will do our very best to find the perfect home you’ve been dreaming of.

Be an Educated Home Buyer

Helping you understand the process of buying a home is important. We will provide information and answer questions. We will view homes and ask the listing agent/seller for additional details. We will help you:

  • Avoid overpaying for a property
  • Make the best decision for you
  • Know when a property is good value
  • Take advantage of the current market strengths and opportunities

Exclusive Market Data

We’ll also provide you with current market information on properties in the locations and price ranges you are searching, and referenced by other details such as home style and added features you have identified. This information will help you make an informed choice on your home purchase.