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Writing an Offer

offerWriting an Offer

Once you have found a home you’d like to call your own, we will review what needs to happen before the Residential Purchase Contract is prepared.

Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement

Consumer Relationships Guide – identifies that the realtor is your representative for this transaction

FINTRAC – a federal government requirement, an individual identification record

Buyer’s Contract

We will create a Residential Purchase Contract, which is a legal document requiring careful preparation. During this process, we will do a full background search of the property to make sure we have all the relevant information to prepare the best offer.

This Residential Purchase Contract includes all the details of the sale, including terms and conditions you wish to impose on the seller. John Mattiello will present and negotiate your offer with either the seller or the seller’s agent. There are multiple outcomes to be aware of after an offer has been presented: the seller can accept the offer, reject the offer, or provide a counter offer. For the sale to be final, the terms and conditions must be met by both parties.

We will make sure you are well informed and understand all the forms you are signing.

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