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Edmonton Home Seller’s Process

There's a big difference between saying you will run ads everywhere and knowing where and what to say. Selling your home isn’t a simple procedure. It involves large sums of money, stringent legal requirements, and the potential for costly mistakes. John Mattiello and Associates have the expertise and will spend the time it takes to help you sell your home fast and for top dollar. The John Mattiello Real Estate Group Marketing Plan guarantees you the exposure you need to sell your home fast and for top dollar. Some of the methods we use are highlighted here.

Selling your home for all it’s worth!

Home Evaluation

The Edmonton real estate market is always changing, making it difficult to assess the current value of your home. As a trained and experienced real estate professional, I have the right knowledge and access to the right tools to determine your Edmonton home's value.

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Our Selling Process

Within 48 hours:

  • Professionally install highly visible yard sign
  • Install highly visible directional arrows (with your permission)
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John Mattiello & Associates uses many different marketing strategies. We know that more exposure means a better chance at getting your property SOLD FAST. More exposure means getting TOP DOLLAR!
We will advertise your property until it is sold.

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Competitive Marketing Analysis

John Mattiello will provide you with a current market analysis. After carefully reviewing the locations and features of comparable properties we can determine your property’s ultimate selling price, the highest price that the market will recognize and pay.

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Understanding the Market

Simply put, the market value of a home is what the property listed for sale will sell for. It is determined by the difference between the amount the seller believes the property is worth (list price) and what a potential buyer is willing to pay for that property.

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Pricing it Right

Even if you receive an offer above market value, most financial institutions will require their purchaser to have an appraisal completed on the property before they will approve their financing request. If they believe the buyer is over-paying, they may not approve the request.

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Easy Exit Listing

No hassle listing agreement!

We are so confident that you will be ecstatic with our service so when you list your property with us we do not bind you for a specific period of time.

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Preparing Your Home to Sell

When presenting your home to prospective buyers, first impressions are crucial. Buyers begin judging your home the moment they see it, and generally, they prefer homes that are well-maintained, clean, and clutter-free: homes they can picture themselves living in.

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