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Home Evaluation


Home Evaluation

The Edmonton real estate market is always changing, making it difficult to assess the current value of your home. As a trained and experienced real estate professional, I have the right knowledge and access to the right tools to determine your Edmonton home's value. What is your home worth in today's market in your area? Let me help!

What Is a Comparative Market Analysis?

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) performed by a qualified Edmonton real estate professional is an estimate of the current market value of a particular property, based on the specific features and qualities of the individual home and comparable homes already on the market, or homes that are similar and have sold recently.

During your free home evaluation I can advise on:

  • Tax issues, closing costs, and other costs associated with selling real estate.
  • How bank appraisals work.
  • Current financing options: should you refinance or get a new mortgage?
  • About building inspections and low cost repairs that can instantly increase the value of your home.
  • How to sell your home for maximum dollar.

Selling an Edmonton home? Price it RIGHT the first time!

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