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Pricing it Right

Pricing it Right

Even if you receive an offer above market value, most financial institutions will require their purchaser to have an appraisal completed on the property before they will approve their financing request. If they believe the buyer is over-paying, they may not approve the request.

Three things can happen when your home goes on the market.

1 We get no showings. This means we have missed the mark price-wise, and we are in need of a significant repositioning.

2 We get showings but no offers. This means we need a minor price repositioning.

3 Your home sells right away: We were right on target! Our job is to market your home. When you get showings from agents, even if they are not one of our Buyer’s Agents, it is because our efforts are working.

Avoid this Common Mistake

Another Realtor® may suggest a higher list price. This is not always in your best interest. This is precisely the reason we conduct our Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). This complimentary evaluation is free of charge and we’ll show you exactly how we plan to sell your property.