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Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove

At A Glance: A family-conscious community, Spruce Grove is in fact an independent municipality located slightly west of Edmonton. Spruce grove boasts many outdoor activities, indoor recreation centers, schools, parks, trails, and other amenities, while being conveniently located within close proximity to Edmonton.

spruce-groveSpruce Grove, though still part of the Edmonton Capital Region, is an independent municipality located a few kilometers west of Edmonton in the County of Parkland, and is the perfect location for families looking for a quiet suburban community, while benefiting from the convenience of its close proximity to the city. Spruce Grove is home to many neighbourhoods with a broad availability of housing options, as well as a vast selection of amenities, making it the perfect place to call home.

Despite its small population of 26,000 people, Spruce Grove is home to many different recreational centers, sports arenas, outdoor parks, as well as an extensive selection of hiking trails and outdoor activities. The neighbourhoods in Spruce Grove are known for their careful developmental consideration and their interconnectedness through walking trails, all within close proximity, schools, parks, and more.

Industry expansion has also recently increased in popularity, as well as incentives to develop a more sustainable community. Spruce Grove offers its residents the conveniences of a city with the calm and appeal of a residential community.

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