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Money saving tips for the move

Let’s face it, everyone hates moving. From organizing, to packing, to the work it takes to move everything, and of course the expenses, it can be a negative experience for most. The trick to making moving a much easier process is to plan in advance. Here are some tips from top realtors in Edmonton on how to save money when moving.

Let your belongings pay for the move

I’m sure over the years you have accumulated quite a lot of things you no longer use. While it may be easier just to throw these items away, but that would just be a waste. Why not turn those items into money that can help pay for the move.

When going through and packing your items, set aside anything you no longer use and then set aside anything you think you may be able to get some money back on. You may have collected some very expensive collector items over the years, that could potentially sell for quite a bit.

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Selling regular household items

Of course finding treasure can get you quite a bit of money back, but you can also sell regular household items or furniture as well. Whether you are moving into a smaller space and no longer need some larger furniture, or your current furniture is quite nice enough for your brand new home, there is always someone out there who could use it.

You could have a garage or yard sale to sell your items, but these days most things are done online. Create some classified ads on directory sites, and don’t forget to utilize social media. There are many shopping communities on facebook right now. And of course don’t forget to consult with the best realtor in Edmonton John Mattiello, on what he recommends.

Research Prices

When moving it is a good idea to have a mover or rental truck booked weeks in advance before your move. But don’t just book the first company you speak with, make sure you contact all moving companies in town and write down their prices and services, and compare them. Many realtors in Edmonton also have a list of preferred business partners that they work with, so ask them who they recommend.

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Boxes Galore

Everyone knows that with moving, comes an abundance of boxes. Purchasing boxes can become very pricey, especially if you have a lot to pack. The cheaper solution would be to ask friends and family, as well as going to larger stores or supermarkets, as they always have a large pile of boxes in the back room, that they will be more than happy to give up.

Moving to a new place can be exciting but also stressful with the costs of everything but if you need help with anything, contact the best realtor in Edmonton John Mattiello today!

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