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Properties in Edmonton Blog Recap!

It’s that time of year again when we go over all of the content from our blog! 2022 is coming to an end and we have decided to do another year-end recap to summarize our blog posts. This will help you find any information you missed on our blog in 2022. Follow along below to see a brief summary of each article from the past year. Be sure to check out the posts you missed by clicking the links in the titles!

Properties in Edmonton - Winter & Spring Recap.

Jan - Houses in Edmonton Are Being Affected By Baby Boomers

During January, we reported on a news story about how houses in Edmonton were being affected by Baby Boomers. This article goes over average housing price predictions for the year, market issues, and housing problems. 

Feb - People are on Vacation From Homes for Sale in Edmonton.

The pandemic caused a massive upset in the real estate market. Not only this, but people changed their living patterns in more ways than one. The most notable is the masses of individuals who turned their vacation properties into their primary residences. Learn more about this topic here. 

Mar - Spring Cleaning Chores Recommended by Your Real Estate Agent in Edmonton 

A real estate agent in Edmonton knows what kinds of spring cleaning chores work best for selling your home. When it comes to tidying up your house, it is important to focus on the tasks that will warrant the best return on your time. Learn more about the right tasks to focus on when cleaning your home.

Apr - Prices of Edmonton Houses for Sale Causing Anxiety?

Over the course of 2022, real estate was a hot topic of discussion. Especially for Canadians. With the rise of interest rates and extremely low inventory levels, many Canadians struggled in the real estate market. Learn more about how the change in prices of Edmonton houses for sale affected citizens in the area.

May - Sales of Real Estate in Edmonton Are Slowing Down.

At the beginning of 2022, real estate sales peaked across Canada. However, near the end of spring, things appeared to be cooling off for good. Check out this article for a report on the April 2022 market conditions. 

Summer & Fall Recap.

June - Best Neighbourhoods to Buy Homes in Edmonton.

Moving to a new city can be an overwhelming process. Finding the right neighbourhood and deciding on a home is a difficult decision. In the latter half of the year, we focused on writing neighbourhood content. For the month of June, we kicked off this series with a spotlight on Maplegrove real estate. 

July -  Edmonton Homes For Sale in Strathcona!

Strathcona is a highly sought-after area within the City of Edmonton. Discover everything that Strathcona has to offer in this quick neighbourhood overview.

Aug - All About Ritchie Real Estate!

There are so many awesome neighbourhoods in Edmonton. Ritchie is considered to be one of the most popular and loved neighbourhoods in all of Edmonton! Discover a snapshot of what Ritchie has to offer in this article.

Sept - All About Garneau Real Estate

Garneau is considered to be one of the most historic and trendy neighbourhoods in all of Edmonton! Discover a taste of what Garneau has to offer in this blog post.

Oct - All About Glenora Real Estate

Living in Glenora real estate is certainly something to boast about. This character-filled neighbourhood is highly-sought after amongst Edmonton citizens. Enjoy living near the downtown core and the picturesque River Valley.

Nov - All About Downtown Edmonton Real Estate

Living in Downtown Edmonton is seriously worth the hype. If you love city life, you’ll flourish in Edmonton’s downtown core. From nightlife to parks there’s something for everyone Downtown. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city’s core and all of the culture that comes with it.

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