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Bylaws & Rules

Bylaws & Rules

Condominium bylaws govern how the condominium corporation is run. They often address matters such as the election and practices of the board of directors, the collection of contributions, and how rules are passed. Rules often supplement the bylaws. The rules focus on the day-to-day concerns of condo living to help ensure it is a pleasant and attractive place to live or work.

Condominium bylaws also govern the condominium complex and every condominium is legally required to have a set of bylaws and to enforce them. Bylaws apply to all owners in a condominium, as well as anyone renting or visiting the condominium.

Bylaws can cover a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to:

1 Pets: whether they’re allowed, how many and types are allowed, whether board approval is required, etc.

2 Age Restrictions: whether there is a minimum age to live in the building, whether children are allowed, etc.

3 Aesthetic restrictions: colour of window coverings, whether planters are allowed on balconies, etc.

4 Renovation guidelines: installation of hardwood flooring may require extra soundproofing, etc.

5 Parking restrictions: types of vehicles that can be parked, visitor parking rules, etc.

6 Use of amenities: hours of operation, maintenance standards, visitor policies, etc.

7 Condo governance: electing board members, meeting schedule, voting procedures, bylaw amendments, etc.

8 Bylaw enforcement: penalties for not following the condo bylaws.