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Competitive Marketing Analysis

Competitive Marketing Analysis

John Mattiello and Associates will provide you with a current market analysis. After carefully reviewing the locations and features of comparable properties we can determine your property’s ultimate selling price, the highest price that the market will recognize and pay. We can then strategically determine your property’s listing price to sell your property fast and for top dollar.

We look at the properties currently for sale to see what a serious buyer has to choose from.

Properties that have recently sold show us what home sellers in your area have received from their sales. This information is also viewed by lending institutions to determine how much they will lend buyers.

By reviewing properties that failed to sell John Mattiello and Associates can avoid listing your property for a price that does not attract qualified, motivated buyers.

Knowing what has recently worked, and what hasn’t worked, in your area helps develop a clear picture of the potential market for your property. That is how John Mattiello and Associates can strategically price, position and stage your property so that it will sell for top dollar in a reasonable time frame, with the least inconvenience to you!

Market Activity – Optimum Time-on-Market

General definitions of market value usually say that it is the price a home should sell for when it has been on the market from anywhere from three weeks to two months.
However, if you want top dollar for your home, experience shows that you should try to accept a solid offer sometime during the 3rd to 6th week that it's on the market. It is during this "window" that your home will enjoy maximum market exposure and buyer interest.

Beyond six weeks your home will increasingly be viewed as a "stale" listing, i.e. as a commodity with a history of being rejected by other buyers. Consequently, there will be fewer showings, fewer offers and less likelihood that you'll get your asking price.

This is why it is crucial that your home be priced correctly during the three-week window.

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