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Important documents

The most recent reserve fund report and plan. A well-funded reserve fund can be an important selling feature that shows buyers the condominium corporation is in good financial health.

The corporation’s operating budget. This shows buyers what the corporation is spending owners’ condominium contributions (fees) on – amenities, property management, contractors, etc.

Recent meeting minutes from condo board meetings. These will give buyers insight into whether there are upcoming major repairs or budget deficits as this could mean increasing condominium contributions (fees).

The corporation’s bylaws and rules. Buyers will definitely want to see what the rules are in the complex regarding pets, parking, and amenity use.

A real property report if the unit is a bare land unit with a structure. This is a physical survey of the land and its structures.

Collecting documents can be a time-consuming process so it is recommended you start early to ensure you have all documents ready to go before the unit is listed for sale.