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Team Mattiello provided outstanding service. We were interested in purchasing our first home and knew very little about the process. We were also new to Edmonton and wanted information about different communities and real estate trends. John guided us through everything, including what to look out for and what to avoid. He had extensive knowledge about the city and was always ready to answer our questions. John was never trying to "sell" us on a particular neighbourhood or home, but instead presented the facts as he saw them and let us make up our own minds. He was ready to meet at our convenience, and helped us look at several homes across the city on many different occasions before we made a purchase. John also referred us to services such as a mortgage broker and lawyer, both of whom provided excellent services. At the same time, John never pressured us to use his services, but instead encouraged us to do our own research and decide for ourselves. Finally, his administrative support was easy to work with and always helpful, especially as she helped us navigate the purchasing process and finalize our move-in. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and we have already recommended Team Mattiello personally to our friends.