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All About Downtown Edmonton Real Estate

Living in Downtown Edmonton is seriously worth the hype. If you love city life, you’ll flourish in Edmonton’s downtown core. From nightlife to parks there’s something for everyone Downtown. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city’s core and all of the culture that comes with it. Moreover, those who are interested in condo living will find a ton of great options in this area. Everything from luxury residences, to hip lofts, are available in this part of town. In this article, we will be going over all of the perks of living in Downtown Edmonton. Follow along below to learn more about this awesome neighbourhood!

Why Choose Downtown Edmonton Real Estate?

For those who love an urban lifestyle, Downtown Edmonton is a perfect place to call home. One of the biggest perks of living downtown is the central location. Living in the middle of the city means that you never have to travel far to access amenities such as restaurants, gyms, parks, and workplaces. It also means that you can travel in more ways than one. Ditch your car and opt to go by public transportation. Or, ride your bike along one of many pristine bike paths. Moreover, you can even choose to walk. Being in the centre of the action certainly cuts your commute in half. 

Another reason to live in Downtown Edmonton is the number of options available for real estate. Condos are abundant in this part of the city and there is also a small selection of townhomes for those who want a little more space. Although, homes in the downtown area do tend to go for a higher price than those in surrounding neighbourhoods. With this being said, the amenities in other neighbourhoods are not as abundant as downtown. 

Living in Downtown Edmonton provides you with access to all sorts of events and nightlife. Contact me today to learn more about real estate in this area. There is also a great benefit to having a shorter daily commute. For more information on Downtown Edmonton real estate feel free to reach out to me. Be sure to check out my brokerage’s website here for more information on homes in Edmonton. I look forward to working with you in the near future!

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