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Top mistakes made by sellers

Selling your home can be a challenge, especially when the market isn’t doing well, but there is no need to make it more complicated. There are some mistakes that people make that can be disastrous when trying to sell your home. Here are some of those mistakes so you know what to avoid, brought to you by the best realtor in Edmonton.

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Overpricing your home

This is one of the biggest mistakes a seller can make, and it can really effect the sale of the home, as people may look elsewhere for a similar home, for a cheaper price. This will lower interest on your home buy potential buyers, and it may be stuck on the market for quite some time. Lean on the top realtors in Edmonton to get q proper home evaluation, so that you are listing the property at a realistic price.

The homes condition

The condition of your home is critical when it comes to making a sale. When trying to sell your home you want it in the best possible condition, if it’s not, people may exploit this and look for a cheaper price on the home. You want to get as much for your home as possible, so make sure everything from the backyard to the kitchen, is in top working order.

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Turning down showings

Open houses and showings are the best way for people to get a firsthand impression of your home, and are crucial to making a sale. Turning down showings is basically the best way to kill the sale, and to keep your house on the market longer. Realtors in Edmonton are professionals and skilled in making sure they do everything to sell your home, and this includes showings. Listen to them and their advice and your home will be sold in no time.

Unappealing smells in the home

You may not notice it as you still live in the home, but smells like pet odor, the garbage in the trash, cigarette smoke, etc. can still be present in the home, and are huge turnoffs for potential buyers when they are viewing your home. Before a viewing make sure the trash it taken out, and there are no powerful odors present in the house. It may be wise to hire a professional cleaner as well.

These are just some of the mistakes to avoid when trying to sell your home.. For more information about Edmonton and your real estate needs, contact the best realtor in Edmonton John Mattiello today!

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